About Us

Based in Barcelona and catering to well-dressed women wherever, CLOSET EMOTIONS was founded three years ago by two eternal fashionistas, Judit and Meri.

Judit claims a decade of experience buying and selling the most exclusive designer labels in the world. Meri is her colleague. BOTH ARE CLASSIC COMPULSIVE SHOPPERS!

 Sound familiar? Have you ever bought anything on impulse and then wished you had not? Would you like a SECOND CHANCE? We at CLOSET EMOTIONS help our clients empty their closets. We give our friends the opportunity to own fabulous nearly new garments by the most exclusive names in the fashion world: DIOR, HERMES, ST LAURENT, CÉLINE, BALENCIAGA, ETRO, MISSONI, RALPH LAUREN just to name a few.

THE COGNOSCENTI comes to sell and stays to buy! All our products are carefully selected, professionally authenticated, and legally guaranteed. CLOSET EMOTIONS assures you our products are incredible and our packaging is beyond elegant, our prices irresistible! You will find the best deals and the best steals! Buying is as easy as surfing our website; to sell just contact  info@closetemotions.com for further information.

We are dedicated to our customers and they are dedicated to us. Thank you all for making room for us in your closet!


Judit & Meri